Allen Family Sponsored Immigration

If you are hoping to sponsor a foreign-born family member so that they can legally enter, and reside, in the United States, then working with a competent Allen family sponsored immigration lawyer can be your best bet for limiting your wait time and minimizing other issues throughout the process.

While the United States limits the amount of visas that it allocates for immigrants, there is no limit when it comes to the direct family members of those who are currently living in the United States legally. This is why family-sponsored immigration is the most common form of legal immigration into the United States — but it by no means makes this process easy, quick or guaranteed.

While family sponsored immigration in Allen TX is quite common, you’re still not guaranteed that your immediate family member will gain access — there are a wide range of disqualifying issues that can arise during the process.

Loung Law Firm works with men and women in Allen to sponsor immigrant family members

With an Allen family sponsored immigration expert in your corner, you can be ready for every step of the process. This is a process that includes:

  • Your family member interviewing with United States officials at the U.S. consulate in the country in which they live.

  • A visa application and other paperwork. Our team will make sure that you complete all the necessary paperwork with error-free information.

  • The sponsor interviewing with United States immigration officials to show that they are able to support their family members and provide a suitable quality of life.

There are many steps to this process — and many things that can come up along the way. But, The Loung Law Firm works with men and women in Allen to sponsor immigrant family members in the most efficient, stress-free way possible.

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