Protect your legal rights when you are on the receiving end of an auto accident by enlisting the help of a trusted Carrollton car accident personal injury lawyer. When you are injured in such an incident, no one is going to be watching out for your best interests, which is why it’s vital to connect with the right injury claim lawyers in Carrollton TX.

Connect with a leading Carrollton accident injury attorney

We want to welcome you to consult with our team here at Loung Law Firm, PLLC. Led by Texas native and former United States Marine Harry K. Loung, our firm is prepared to help you answer important questions regarding your legal rights.

As your car accident personal injury lawyer in Carrollton TX, we’re dedicated to helping you recover the monetary compensation to address the fallout of your accident. The resulting injuries and trauma of a vehicle accident can impact your life negatively in a variety of ways.

  • For starters, an accident can lead to mounting medical bills that you may be unable to pay. Your Carrollton injury claim lawyers need to work vigorously so that you aren’t left in dire financial straits because of someone else’s negligent actions.
  • Some men and women lose a family member in an accident. In those cases, an accident injury attorney in Carrollton TX can work to recover compensation for loss of companionship and, if the deceased generated an income, the loss of income.
  • Speaking of loss of income, if an accident yields injuries that hold you back from working in your previous capacity, your Carrollton car accident personal injury lawyer can help you make up for that loss through financial compensation.

Many factors are to be considered when it comes to assigning a value to your case. As one of the most skilled injury claim lawyers in Carrollton TX, Mr. Loung and his team know what your case is worth and will fight vigorously on your behalf.

Our top priority is to recover the compensation you deserve while avoiding litigation. You can learn more about what we offer as a Carrollton car accident personal injury lawyer by scheduling a free consultation.