Are you looking for an attorney that specializes in Carrollton family sponsored immigration? If you reside in Carrollton, and have direct family members in another country and would like them to gain legal entry into the United States, then Harry Loung of the Loung Law Firm is ready to help.

Family-based immigration is by far the most common form of legal immigration into the United States. While other types of visas are capped each year, there is no limit on how many visas the U.S. can issue for direct family members of U.S. citizens or immigrants that hold green cards.

Harry Loung and the team at Loung Law Firm work with men and women in Carrollton to sponsor immigrant family members and bring them into the country. However, the process isn’t always so simple, which is why it’s important to work with someone that has an extensive knowledge on family sponsored immigration in Carrollton.

A Carrollton family sponsored immigration expert to walk you through the process

The process of seeking a visa for a foreign-born relative can be a daunting one. Plenty of paperwork and interviews with United States immigration officials are required on behalf of both the sponsor and the direct family member that they are looking to bring to this country.

Mistakes made during this process can destroy your chances of success, too. Harry Loung works with men and women in Carrollton to sponsor immigrant family members, and to streamline the process as best we can.

Truthfully, this can be a long process. Many men and women find their patience tested as they desperately want to be reunited with their loved one. Our team will do whatever we can to find a successful outcome in your case, and to do it as quickly as possible.

Consult with Harry Loung and his staff

We understand you might have questions, like what type of visa should you be applying for or what your first steps to getting the proverbial wheels in motion might be.

Get answers and insight by connecting with a Carrollton family sponsored immigration expert. Harry Loung and his staff are ready to provide you with the help you need in reuniting with your family member.