As a seasoned Frisco citizenship attorney, Harry Loung and his team at the Loung Law Firm encourage immigrants to pursue full United States citizenship as soon as they are eligible.

If you plan on remaining in the country permanently, then gaining legal citizen status can provide you with an abundance of benefits, and Mr. Loung and his team want to make sure you are able to leverage those.

When you work with the Loung Law Firm, you will get the focused, personal attention of an experienced citizenship lawyer in Frisco TX. Harry Loung will check your eligibility for citizenship, and if you are eligible, he will walk with you through each step of the process to maximize your chances at a positive outcome.

Experience the final step in the immigration process

As a Frisco lawyer for citizenship, Mr. Loung wants his clients to meet their immigration goals. And, for many, that ultimate goal is full citizenship through the naturalization process.

With Mr. Loung in your corner as your Frisco citizenship attorney, you can take steps towards legal citizenship, which provides such benefits as:

  • The right to vote in both state and national elections
  • Easier access to social welfare benefits, which can sometimes be restrictive for certain immigrants
  • The ability to apply for, and switch, jobs
  • Petitioning to have other direct family members enter the United States legally

The naturalization process requires paperwork, documentation and a lot of time. It’s important that you work with a competent citizenship lawyer in Frisco TX, who will make sure that you don’t commit any mistakes that could potentially disqualify you from gaining citizenship.

Explore citizenship with Harry Loung and the Loung Law Firm

Get answers about, and insight into, the naturalization process or other immigration issues. Harry Loung and the team at the Loung Law Firm are ready to help as your Frisco citizenship attorney.