Riding a motorcycle or bicycle comes along with different risks than simply driving a car, which is why accident victims need the specific expertise of a Garland motorcycle accident lawyer.

Motorcyclists and bicyclists occupy a unique position on the road, enjoying freedom but also being vulnerable to danger. Riders generally suffer more serious injuries in crashes because of the lack of a protective barrier. Therefore, cyclists and riders need to be more aware of their legal rights and responsibilities if they are involved in an accident.

At Loung Law Firm, PLLC, we know that you need a reliable motorcycle and bicycle accident lawyer in Garland TX to protect you throughout the legal process. A Garland motorcycle wreck attorney from our firm can help you understand insurance laws, giving you the assistance you need and deserve when seeking compensatory damages.

Working with a Garland motorcycle accident lawyer to pursue financial compensation

How can a motorcycle or bicycle accident lawyer in Garland TX help riders who have been injured in crashes? Working with a Loung Law Firm professional means that you have access to the resources that can support:

  • Determining legal responsibility and liability for the accident
  • Calculating the amount of compensatory damage you deserve to cover medical costs, pain and suffering, lost wages and other claims
  • Claims against motorcycle manufacturers, in the event that your motorcycle is considered defective
  • Other legal actions related to your case

Harry K Loung is proud to be a bicycle and motorcycle accident lawyer in Garland TX who works tirelessly for his clients. A former U.S. military member, Mr. Loung has served as a Garland bicycle accident lawyer for countless victims in our area.

Consult with an insightful bicycle and motorcycle wreck attorney in Garland TX

Mr. Loung understands that clients need an attorney that they can trust, and he has based his practice upon the principles of honesty, commitment and honor. Let us show you how our professional Garland motorcycle accident lawyer can improve your chances of recovering damages in your case. Contact our team now to learn more through a free consultation.