If you have been harmed in a car accident, you need access to the right Garland uninsured motorist bodily injury attorney — someone who makes you feel safe and cared-for.

You want a group like Loung Law Firm, PLLC for your Garland uninsured motorist accident. We take care of the heavy lifting, giving you the opportunity to recover from the injuries you have suffered. Many of our clients struggle to deal with the insurance companies and courts after an uninsured car accident in Garland TX, especially if English is not their primary language.

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Fighting to recover damages after a Garland uninsured motorist bodily injury accident

Although drivers in the U.S. are required to purchase insurance for their vehicles, many violate the law and drive without protection. If you are in an accident with an uninsured motorist, that at-fault driver may not have enough money to pay for your injuries.

Our clients have often purchased uninsured motorist coverage from their insurance companies, but those insurers do not always like to part with their money. You may need an attorney to help you pursue the insurance money you need and deserve after your Garland uninsured motorist accident.

Claims for uninsured motorist bodily injury in Garland TX generally proceed like a traditional claim, except you are pursuing financial damages from your own insurance company instead of from the at-fault driver. However, in most cases, you are not able to file a lawsuit against your own insurance company if you are not able to arrive at a settlement; instead, you must use a binding arbitration process.

Put world-class legal resources in your corner

Having an attorney to walk you through every step of your Garland uninsured motorist bodily injury claim increases your likelihood of recovering the financial compensation you need to pay for medical costs, lost wages and other damages after an accident. Contact Harry K. Loung and the team at Loung Law Firm, PLLC today to get started with a free consultation.