Immigrants that are looking to work a job, or establish a career, in our local community must first secure their McKinney employment based green card.

The United States permits a number of immigrants to enter the country to take on jobs. There are a wide range of employment-based visa programs and attorney Harry Loung is ready to work with you to take on the McKinney employment green card process.

Apply for a green card through an employer in McKinney TX

At Loung Law Firm, we work closely with both immigrants and the businesses that are looking to hire them, helping guide them through the employment green card process in McKinney TX.

Both sides must work in tandem in order to reach a favorable outcome. An employer is tasked with sponsoring the individual by filing a labor certification request and immigrant visa petition. The individual must also take measures to apply for their McKinney green card through an employer.

Instead of muddling through the confusion and risking an error that might disqualify you from an employment based green card in McKinney TX, Harry Loung and his team will walk you through the process step-by-step to help you reach a favorable outcome.

We can help you in obtaining a McKinney employment based green card

As a former United States Marine, Harry Loung is passionate about working with immigrant men and women and helping them achieve their goals. This can range from successfully navigating the McKinney employment green card process to obtaining legal citizenship in this country.

The Loung Law Firm provides knowledgeable, skilled legal guidance to help you cut through the complex and confusing immigration laws. Lean on our team as a resource to pursue a McKinney employment based green card. Connect with us for a free consultation.