Insurance companies go to work right away after a car accident to estimate your settlement — if you do not have a Plano car accident personal injury lawyer on your team, you could end up being left out in the cold financially.

So, what are your next steps after suffering a personal injury in a car accident? You may consider reaching out to injury claim lawyers in Plano TX at Loung Law Firm, PLLC. Harry Loung and his team can help you determine who was at fault in the car accident, identify evidence that needs to be gathered in the case, and ultimately serve as your advocate against the stingy insurance companies.

When you need a reliable Plano accident injury attorney who really works for you, you need Loung Law Firm, PLLC. Even better, our team can offer services in your native Mandarin, taking away the burden of having to communicate in an unfamiliar language. What a relief to work with a car accident personal injury lawyer in Plano TX who really understands you.

What a Plano car accident personal injury lawyer can do for you

Most clients who have suffered personal injury in a car accident can make use of injury claim lawyers in Plano TX. We recommend contacting an attorney as soon as possible after a car accident, for several major reasons:

  • First, establishing negligence or fault can be difficult, and it often requires an investigation. Without legal representation, you could inadvertently admit fault, even through a casual conversation with an insurance adjuster.
  • The insurance company is already working with legal professionals, usually in an attempt to limit the amount of your claim. The only way to “level the playing field” is to seek your own legal assistance.
  • The stress associated with mounting your own legal case can be overwhelming, and you need an immediate advocate to provide you with the information and help you need from the very beginning of your case.

Work with one of the foremost Plano injury claim lawyers

Many area firms offer basic services, but few deliver the level of customer service you can expect from Loung Law Firm, PLLC. Your accident injury attorney in Plano TX will work tirelessly to protect your rights and seek financial compensation after your accident.

Contact Mr. Loung and the staff at Loung Law Firm, PLLC for a no-cost consultation with a Plano car accident personal injury lawyer.