The process tied to obtaining a Plano employment based green card can be a complex one. It’s important to have a trusted legal professional in your corner that has experience working with immigrants on employment-based issues.

Attorney Harry Loung and his staff at the Loung Law Firm is a great resource for guiding you through the Plano employment green card process. As a former United States Marine and a knowledgeable immigration attorney, he can help resolve employment-based immigration issues and a wide range of other immigration needs.

Working with professionals that are trying to get a green card through an employer in Plano TX

Immigrants can provide special skills and knowledge that serve as valuable assets for all types of businesses and professions here in the United States. That’s why there are a wide array of employment-based visa programs, so that qualified immigrants can legally enter the United States and become contributing members to our society.

Mr. Loung works with men and women who are looking to obtain a Plano green card through an employer. It starts by proving your eligibility for one of the various work visa programs and then moving forward with the application and other aspects of the process.

Our goal is to make it streamlined and easy to obtain your employment based green card in Plano TX.

Guiding businesses through the employment green card process in Plano TX

Businesses that are looking to hire immigrants into their workforce also play a central role in issuing a Plano employment based green card. The employer serves as the sponsor in this case and must file a labor certification request and immigrant visa petition.

Mr. Loung and his team work with businesses of all industries, helping them to better understand the Plano employment green card process and get through it with minimal delays or disruptions.

Put the team at Loung Law Firm in your corner

Harry Loung and his team want their clients to experience the American dream, and often a Plano employment based green card is the ticket to doing so. Schedule a consultation with Mr. Loung to learn more.