Specializing in Plano family sponsored immigration, Harry Loung and the team at the Loung Law Firm works closely with legal citizens and green card holders that want to petition to have a direct family member enter the United States to live with them.

To anyone that has left family members back home in a different country, it’s important to get through this process quickly and efficiently. It can be very stressful leaving relatives at home, not knowing if they will be able to eventually join you.

Mr. Loung and his team work with men and women in Plano to sponsor immigrant family members and vie to gain them entry to the United States. This by no means is a quick, simple process, and that’s why it can cause stress and anxiety. However, as your immigration attorney, Harry Loung and his team will work to ease your concerns by walking you through each step of the process.

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Mr. Loung can talk to you more about the process associated with Plano family sponsored immigration, but in short, the direct family member you are looking to bring over must first complete an interview at the United States consulate, located in their home country.

From there, you can complete the visa application and you also must be able to prove to U.S. immigration officials that you are able to support this family member financially if they do, in fact, come here.

The Loung Law Firm works with men and women in Plano to sponsor immigrant family members including minor children, adult children, legal spouses, parents, brothers and sisters. In some cases, there is more urgency to unite a family, and our team will take the available steps to expedite the process.

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If you have questions about Plano family sponsored immigration, or other immigration issues, please don’t hesitate to connect with Mr. Loung. He is ready to assist you.