Real Estate Closings

Protecting your rights

Buying a property, especially if it is a new home, can be exciting, but it can also be complicated. The Loung Law Firm works with buyers through every stage of the process to facilitate a smooth transaction.

In addition, we can handle:

  • Reviewing all documents associated with the transaction
  • Explaining the terms of your contracts
  • Registering real estate documents relating to title and mortgage
  • Attending the closing and representing your best interests
  • Verifying valid ownership of property

The Loung Law Firm aim to provide a spark to every transaction. We believe that nearly every legal issue, when properly presented, can result in a business decision for the client. Understanding our client’s business so that we can help them properly assess legal risk is what sets us apart. It isn’t enough to spot the issues like we were taught in law school – we have to be committed to actually solving the problem. In all of our hiring practices, we prioritize strong business backgrounds and a commitment to the real estate industry.

Real Estate Transactions

We also understand that all asset types are different, and have their own needs in terms of critical business points, allocation of legal risk, and timing. While solving problems is something we pride ourselves in, we also recognize that not all issues are critical to the transaction. Our clients benefit from our practical approach to their transactions — keeping their deals moving forward without the delays that come from unnecessary distractions and rabbit trails to nowhere. Our attorneys enjoy the art of the deal, negotiating from a position of strength and experience, solving problems and managing the pace of the transaction. For us, it is not just about billing hours — it’s about getting deals done and making a positive impact on our client’s business.