If you have questions or needs in regard to The Colony employer immigration sponsorship, then connect with attorney Harry Loung of the Loung Law Firm.

Mr. Loung works with both individuals and businesses, helping to address the legalities of having foreign-born nationals enter, and work in, the United States. Through The Colony work visa sponsorship, immigrants can lend their special skills, talents and knowledge to local businesses.

Looking for an employer sponsored work visa in The Colony TX?

There are five different employment-based immigration visa programs that you can tap into, and Mr. Loung will work and help you find the right one for your specific situation, go through the application process and field any questions or concerns you might have about employer immigration sponsorship in The Colony TX.

This is a relatively complex process and it can take a long time due to the backlog of petitions that the United States generally faces. As a seasoned immigration attorney, Mr. Loung has an extensive knowledge on work visa sponsorship The Colony TX and will leverage that knowledge and experience to help in your case.

Helping meet your The Colony employer sponsored work visa needs

Harry Loung and the team at Loung Law Firm is a trusted resource for your immigration law needs. When it comes to The Colony employer immigration sponsorship, Mr. Loung can assist with all different types of immigration needs:

  • Helping complete your application for a work visa
  • Working with you to extend your work visa
  • Establishing permanent residence once you are here to work
  • Helping you address unfair treatment in the workplace due to your immigrant status
  • Help you eventually pursue citizenship
  • And more.

Through The Colony work visa sponsorship, many businesses are able to benefit from the skills and knowledge of foreign-born professionals while those individuals are able to legally enter the country and experience the American dream.

Mr. Loung is proud to be a part of that process. Consult with him if you have any questions or concerns about The Colony employer immigration sponsorship process.