With a The Colony employment based green card, foreign-born nationals have an opportunity to permanently live and work here legally in our local community.

And, attorney Harry Loung and his team at the Loung Law Firm will prove to be a worthwhile resource when you find yourself having to navigate the The Colony employment green card process.

Work with a trusted attorney to get a green card through an employer in The Colony TX

Based in Richardson, Texas, Harry Loung and his staff at the Loung Law Firm work with a wide range of immigrants, and the different types of businesses that are looking to hire them, to square away all the legalities behind bringing these foreign-born nationals to the country legally.

Both the immigrant employee and their potential employer play roles in obtaining an employment based green card in The Colony TX, and Mr. Loung can walk you through the process.

Why rely on Harry Loung to navigate the employment green card process in The Colony TX?

Failing to meet all the qualifying standards, or committing errors when it comes to applying, can jeopardize your shot at a The Colony green card through an employer. The stakes are high — trust a qualified attorney to take on the The Colony employment green card process.

With Harry Loung, you will get an attorney that is:

  • Experienced in immigration law matters, primarily focused in in employment-based immigration cases.

  • Accessible and ready to field your questions and concerns as they come up.

  • Invested in your success. A The Colony employment based green card is a great way for immigrant men and women to take advantage of the benefits this country has to offer, while also contributing to it in a meaningful way. Mr. Loung wants to see his clients thrive.

  • Honest and filled with integrity. As a former United States Marine, and a dedicated attorney, Mr. Loung is ready to provide you with unbiased insight and honest help to achieve your goals.

Do you have questions about a The Colony employment based green card, or the process involved with obtaining one? Connect with the Loung Law Firm for a free consultation.