North Texas is a great place for immigrants to work and live, but to enter the United States legally and work here, they need to secure a Dallas employment based green card. Harry Loung, and his team at Loung Law Firm, provide the resources to obtain one.

Mr. Loung is a seasoned immigration lawyer that works with a wide range of clients to help them with their immigration needs — everything from pursuing citizenship and petitioning for a family member to join them in the country, to the Dallas employment green card process.

Are you hoping to obtain a green card through an employer in Dallas TX?

The United States has an employment-based visa process that carefully vets individuals, allowing them in the country for work purposes. There is a complex process affiliated with obtaining an employment based green card in Dallas TX, and as your attorney, Harry Loung and his team will help you navigate it.

It starts with providing the documentation and other evidence that shows you are eligible for one of the handful of visa programs designated for certain worker categories. These range from skilled workers to priority workers.

On the other side of the employment green card process in Dallas TX, your potential employer will need to serve as your sponsor and submit a labor certification request with immigration officials. There are many moving parts when it comes to getting a Dallas green card through an employer, but Harry Loung helps simplify the process for you.

Take the path to getting a Dallas employment based green card with Loung Law Firm

The Loung Law Firm has assisted both individuals and businesses with the Dallas employment green card process, and Mr. Loung is ready to do the same for you.

Let’s start by chatting about your employment-based immigration needs. Let’s talk about how we can work to get you your Dallas employment based green card.