Are you looking for a Frisco employment based green card attorney that can help you leverage one of the many employment-based immigration programs offered by the United States? Attorney Harry Loung or the Loung Law Firm is ready to provide you with helpful guidance.

The Frisco employment green card process can be confusing and complex. There are a wide range of employment visa programs available, some of which cater to very specific types of workers.

Mr. Loung and his team will start the employment green card process in Frisco TX by helping you identify which, if any, visa programs you quality for.

As a seasoned immigration attorney, Harry Loung works closely with:

  • Individuals that are looking to obtain a green card through an employer in Frisco TX. North Texas is a very attractive place to live and work for immigrants, and their skills and knowledge are often beneficial for local companies. Obtaining a Frisco green card through an employer is a mutually beneficial way for these individuals to enter the country to contribute to society and the economy.

  • Businesses that are trying to hire immigrant workers. These employers play a central role in helping their potential employees obtain an employment based green card in Frisco TX. They must sponsor the individual and submit the necessary paperwork to petition for that person’s entry into the United States.

With a Frisco employment based green card, both individuals and businesses don’t have to worry about the legality of their arrangement, and, instead, can focus on what’s important — their work.

Harry Loung and his team will guide you through the Frisco employment green card process

The path to legal entry is filled with paperwork and other important processes. Failing to complete all the necessary criteria can result in a person being turned down for a visa.

Mr. Loung and his team will do everything in their power to make sure that doesn’t happen. We’re ready to help maximize your chances at successfully obtaining a Frisco employment based green card. Get started now with a free consultation.