Everyone has fears after a car crash, but those can easily be multiplied if you are facing a Plano uninsured motorist bodily injury situation. Will you be able to pay your medical bills? What about compensation for lost wages and other related claims?

After a Plano uninsured motorist accident, you are likely to have a lot of questions. Instead of trying to muddle through the legal process on your own, why not consider working with a qualified attorney from Loung Law Firm, PLLC? We can provide you with the critical information you need after an uninsured car accident in Plano TX.

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Options after a Plano uninsured motorist bodily injury crash

If you are seeking compensation after a Plano uninsured motorist accident, you have a few legal options:

  • First, you could attempt to recover financial compensation from the uninsured, at-fault driver. This approach assumes that the uninsured driver has adequate assets needed to compensate you for your injuries, time away from work and other civil claims.
  • Next, you and your attorney could pursue compensation for uninsured motorist bodily injury in Plano TX from your own insurance company. This approach is useful if you have purchased uninsured motorist coverage through your policy.
  • Finally, clients who have been injured in an uninsured motorist crash may be able to seek third-party liability claims — that is, a third entity is considered to be at-fault for the crash. Possible third parties include state agencies, architects and engineers who may have failed to provide safe traffic design. Bars and restaurants that have served a driver too much alcohol may also be considered at-fault for an accident.

Without the help of an expert in Plano uninsured motorist bodily injury, you simply will not know your rights and options. Stop worrying, and start taking action against the party responsible for your injuries and losses, all with the help of Harry K Loung and his staff. We are ready to start working for you today — contact us now to schedule a free consultation.