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In the United States, immigrants face a very special set of legal circumstances, which is why, in the event you face legal issues, it’s important to work with only the Richardson best immigration law firms.

Having a seasoned immigration attorney in your corner is vital in advocating on your behalf and making sure that you are not mistreated simply because of your citizenship status. Here at Loung Law Firm, Harry Loung and his support team proudly stand as one of the Richardson best immigration lawyers.

Mr. Loung and his team are ready to serve as general counsel for anyone that is facing immigration-related issues. By leveraging our significant experience in this area of law, and becoming personally invested in your own well being, Mr. Loung is devoted to serving you as the best immigration attorney in Richardson Texas.

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Immigration law is a fairly broad subset of the law. These cases can manifest themselves in a variety of ways. As one of the best immigration law firms in Richardson Texas, Mr. Loung and his support team are ready to help you take on such cases as:

  • Establishing permanent residence in the United States with a green card. We’ll walk you through this process step-by-step
  • Gaining citizenship through the country’s naturalization process. It’s important to work with the best immigration lawyers in Richardson TX for this process, because it is a lengthy one and it’s important that you comply with every small rule and regulation
  • Fend off deportation. As one of the Richardson best immigration law firms, Loung Law Firm will assess your available options and help you select the best possible path to maximize your chances of holding off deportation
  • Securing various types of visas. Whether you’re someone that is simply visiting the United States, or you want to live and work here, Loung Law Firm will work to help you obtain the necessary visas to make your stay compliant with federal laws
  • Gain release from ICE detention
  • Seek asylum. If you are someone who is fleeing danger and coming to the United States to seek refuge, you must go through the process of applying for asylum within a year of entering the country
  • Working with the Richardson best immigration lawyers is important because you’re going to have questions — everyone does. The immigration laws in the United States are complex and they’re seemingly always changing