If you are looking to become a United States citizen through the naturalization process, consult with a seasoned Richardson citizenship attorney. Attorney Harry Loung and his team at the Loung Law Firm can provide you with the insight, information and resources to meet this objective.

Preparing you to become a new citizen

Through naturalization, you are able to gain full United States citizenship, which grants you all the same rights as a citizen that was born here.

There are certain requirements, and a lengthy waiting period, that go into this process, and as your citizenship lawyer in Richardson TX, Mr. Loung and his staff can walk you through it, equipping you with everything you need to complete the process.

Applicants must:

  • Account for any long periods of time that they spent outside of the United States during the statutory period. As your Richardson lawyer for citizenship, Mr. Loung will explain how you need to maintain continuous residency here in the United States to prove that you plan on staying here.

  • Maintain five years of residency as an upstanding citizen. It is essential that you report any crimes that you have committed, and as your Richardson citizenship attorney, Mr. Loung will make sure that you do. Unfortunately, some crimes can jeopardize your hopes of citizenship temporarily or even disqualify you completely.

  • Be able to write and speak in basic English, in addition to proving that you have a firm handle on American civics.

Harry Loung and his team at the Loung Law Firm serves as a citizenship lawyer in Richardson TX who will guide your steps through these processes, in addition to addressing any special needs or circumstances that you might encounter.

We want you to live the American Dream!

Becoming a United States citizen is a dream come true for so many foreign-born men and women. Harry Loung wants to make it a reality. Learn more about what he has to offer as a Richardson citizenship attorney by scheduling a free consultation.