Allen Citizenship Attorney

If you are a foreign-born man or woman living in the United States, and are striving to become a U.S. citizen, then connect with Harry Loung and his team at the Loung Law Firm to work with a trusted Allen citizenship attorney.

Mr. Loung specializes in a wide range of immigration cases, including helping men and women navigate through the naturalization process in an attempt to become legal citizens of this country. As a citizenship lawyer in Allen TX, we often encourage clients to seek citizenship immediately when they become eligible.

Being a United States citizen comes with a wide range of benefits that are not necessarily afforded to visa or green card holders.

  • Voting rights are very important to many people inside this country, and as a citizen, you will be able to vote in both local and national elections. With the help of an Allen lawyer for citizenship, your voice can finally be heard in American democracy.

  • Being a citizen offers more peace of mind that you will not be deported or face immigration complications. However, this does not mean you are completely immune from them. As an Allen citizenship attorney like Mr. Loung would tell you, misleading immigration officials to obtain citizenship can still put you in peril of deportation.

  • As a citizen, you can gain easier access to social welfare benefits. Immigrants often find themselves limited in what sort of access they get from these types of programs.

Still, the path to citizenship is a long one. You have to prove yourself as a law-abiding citizen in addition to submitting a wide range of paperwork and documentation along with learning American civics. As your citizenship lawyer in Allen TX, Harry Loung will explain everything for you and make sure you are fully prepared.

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If you’re looking for an Allen citizenship attorney that will provide you with the close, personal attention you deserve during this important process, connect with Harry Loung and his team.