Allen Employer Immigration Sponsorship

Businesses in North Texas are not always able to find the help and talent that they need amongst the natively-born population of this country, which makes Allen employer immigration sponsorship such a powerful tool.

There is a rich availability of talent and skill outside of the United States borders, and if your business wants to tap into that, we encourage you to connect with attorney Harry Loung for information on Allen work visa sponsorship.

United States immigration laws permit a variety of skilled, foreign-born immigrants to enter the country for work purposes. But, they need to do this the right way. So, if you’re someone looking to settle and work in Allen, or you run a business that wants to hire foreign-born workers, an employer sponsored work visa in Allen TX is a must.

Helping clients understand employer immigration sponsorship in Allen TX

Harry Loung and his team at Loung Law Firm is expeeienced in most areas of immigration law. We know all about work visa sponsorship in Allen TX and can sort through your unique situation to help you find a positive resolution.

We can walk you through the process of applying for an Allen employer sponsored work visa, and will explore one of the many (EB-1, EB-2, EB-3, EB-4, EB-5) programs that encourage legal entry by skilled immigrants.

A helpful resource for Allen employer immigration sponsorship

Both individuals and businesses lean on the knowledge and expertise of Mr. Loung. As a seasoned attorney, and a former United States Marine, he is dedicated to helping his clients accomplish their immigration goals — whether that’s navigating the Allen work visa sponsorship process or applying for legal citizenship.

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