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Through a Dallas work visa sponsorship, foreign-born nationals are able to enter the United States legally in order to take a job. However, to achieve this arrangement, both the employer and the potential employee must take a variety of important steps, and that’s where the extensive knowledge and expertise of Mr. Loung comes in handy.

Loung Law Firm is expienced in working with individuals that are seeking an employer sponsored work visa in Dallas TX. The United States has established a wide range of employment-based visa programs that cater to specific types of workers and industries.

Mr. Loung will work with you to see what kind of employer immigration sponsorship in Dallas TX that you are eligible for, and then work with you through your specific process. With close, personal guidance, we have the ability to maximize your chances at successfully obtaining your visa.

We can help your business with work visa sponsorship in Dallas TX

Businesses here in the Dallas area can greatly benefit from the skills and knowledge of foreign-born professionals. Loung Law Firm serves as a valuable resource for businesses that want to know more about the Dallas employer immigration sponsorship process.

We’ll help you make the right moves to bring in foreign-born individuals to join your workforce, and to do so as seamlessly as possible so your business can operate efficiently. For example, each Dallas work visa sponsorship program is capped at a certain number of approved visas and immigration officials are often backlogged with petitions.

As your trusted Dallas employer sponsored work visa attorney, Mr. Loung will help you plan ahead and hopefully avoid any delays in the process.

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