Specializing in Dallas family based immigration, Harry Loung and his team at the Loung Law Firm have a passion for helping families stay together.

Clients come to our practice with their own unique immigration needs. One of the more common needs is when a United States citizen, or a permanent resident, wants to apply and obtain a visa for a direct family member so that they can enter the country legally.

As a seasoned Dallas green card lawyer, Mr. Loung knows the importance of keeping families together. He also knows that, in many situations, one family member needs to come to the United States first, and once they are settled, they want the rest of their direct family to make the same trip.

Harry Loung can walk you through the family based green card process in Dallas TX, making sure you fill out, and file, all the necessary paperwork in addition to preparing for in-person interviews with U.S. immigration officials.

As a resource for family based immigration in Dallas TX, he is always here to field your questions and concerns.

Helping you better understand the Dallas family based green card process

On the surface, it might appear that family-based immigration is simple. However, as a savvy green card lawyer in Dallas TX, Mr. Loung knows the complexities of these cases and how they can drag out for years while others can be expedited and resolved inside a year.

With a true Dallas family based immigration expert in your corner, you will have someone that knows the immigration laws and has successfully helped clients achieve success in bringing foreign-based direct family members to the United States.

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Through a free consultation, you can talk to Mr. Loung more about Dallas family based immigration and how you can use it to potentially reunite your direct family. Get started now by connecting with Harry Loung and his staff.