Through Frisco employer immigration sponsorship, foreign-born men and women are able to enter the United States legally and go to work for one of the many thriving companies here in the local area.

Many Frisco-based businesses can benefit from the talent, education and skills of foreign-born professionals. Through Frisco work visa sponsorship programs, they can leverage these benefits by hiring a men and women from around the world.

Attorney Harry Loung and his team at Loung Law Firm are well informed in working with businesses and individuals to successfully obtain an employer sponsored work visa in Frisco TX, in addition to addressing a wide range of other immigration law needs.

He’ll explain the process behind employer immigration sponsorship in Frisco TX and walk you through it in an effort to maximize your chances at success. Many different issues can arise during this process, and immigration officials can quickly become backlogged with petitions. It’s important to think ahead and approach the process of obtaining a work visa sponsorship in Frisco TX the right way.

A Frisco employer immigration sponsorship experienced attorney that you can rely on for insight

Harry Loung knows that everyone’s situation is different. You need customized legal services that will help you during the Frisco work visa sponsorship process, or when facing any other immigration issues.

Mr. Loung takes the time to learn about you and your needs. He takes that information to provide personalized service for each and every client. As a former United States Marine and a seasoned attorney, Mr. Loung takes immense pride in helping men and women get to the United States and realize the American dream.

Take steps to obtaining a Frisco employer sponsored work visa

It all starts with an insightful, free consultation. Mr. Loung and the team at Loung Law Firm are ready to address you questions and concerns as they pertain to Frisco employer immigration sponsorship.