Take the necessary steps to secure a Garland employment based green card by working with attorney Harry Loung and his team at the Loung Law Firm. Mr. Loung is a dedicated immigration attorney that works with both businesses and individuals in Garland, Texas to help meet their employment-based immigration needs.

Whether you are looking to enter the United States to take on a job, or you’re a business that is striving to hire immigrant workers, you must first embark on the Garland employment green card process.

To get a green card through an employer in Garland TX, both the individual and the employer must submit the necessary paperwork and follow the application process. An employer must sponsor the individual that they are helping to enter the United States.

Take advantage of professional opportunities with an employment based green card in Garland TX

Bringing foreign-born professionals into the United States to take on jobs is not only beneficial to those individuals, but it benefits the entire country. That’s why the U.S. has adopted a wide range of employment-based visa programs, some of which cater to specific industries.

To start the employment green card process in Garland TX, Mr. Loung will determine which program you are eligible for. From there, he will walk you through the process of applying for a Garland green card through an employer, addressing any special circumstances along the way.

Are you striving to secure a Garland employment based green card?

As an immigration attorney, Mr. Loung wants to help his clients achieve the American dream. Employment-based immigration is a great way to enter, and live in, the country and it’s possible by following the Garland employment green card process.

Businesses and individuals that are looking for more information on the details associated with applying for a Garland employment based green card are encouraged to connect with the Loung Law Firm and start the process.