Consult with a Garland family sponsored immigration expert if you are interested in applying for a visa for a foreign-born, direct family member. If you have direct family members in a different country, and would desperately like to reunite, then the team at the Loung Law Firm is ready to work with you.

Led by attorney Harry Loung, Loung Law Firm specializes in working with men and women in Garland to sponsor immigrant family members and allow them to enter, and reside, here in the United States legally.

A majority of legal immigration is family-sponsored. Often times, one family member is able to enter the country initially, whether that be for work or other purposes. Once they are settled and are able to establish the legality of their own stay, they can utilize family sponsored immigration in Garland TX to welcome a direct family member into the country legally.

When you work with Mr. Loung and his team for your Garland family sponsored immigration needs, we work to make the process:

  • As quick as possible. The immigration process is a slow-moving one — the United States, in general, is inundated with visa applications and requests for entry. Our team works with men and women in Garland to sponsor immigrant family members and get them here as quickly as possible.

  • Low-stress. With our legal professionals in your corner, you can have the peace of mind that you’re taking all the necessary steps to gaining entry into the United States for your direct family member. We work hard to put you at ease.

  • Successful. Family-sponsored immigration is not guaranteed. We do everything in our power to maximize your chances at a positive outcome.

Work with Harry Loung about your Garland family sponsored immigration questions by connecting with the Loung Law Firm for a free consultation.