Experienced in McKinney employer immigration sponsorship, attorney Harry Loung and his team at the Loung Law Firm works with foreign-born individuals, and businesses that are looking to hire them, to address the legalities of these situations.

Through McKinney work visa sponsorship, foreign-born nationals with special skills or education are able to enter the country legally, and reside here while they work.

Both the individual, and the company hiring him or her, play a role in securing employer sponsored work visa in McKinney TX, and Mr. Loung will work closely with you to help you navigate that process.

Obtaining a McKinney employer sponsored work visa can be a long, complex process, but as a seasoned immigration attorney, Harry Loung can serve as your resource. With him in your corner, you can trust Mr. Loung to:

  • Explain the process behind work visa sponsorship in McKinney TX and walk you through it step-by-step.

  • Field your questions and concerns as they arise. When you’re unsure of something related to your McKinney employer immigration sponsorship, Mr. Loung will have answers and insight.

  • Address any special circumstances. When it comes to employer immigration sponsorship in McKinney TX, everyone’s situation is different. Mr. Loung picks through your individual needs and will craft legal services to help. He wants to maximize your chances at the best possible outcome in your case.

As a former United States Marine, and a dedicated immigration attorney, Harry Loung is passionate about helping foreign-born men and women enter the United States to share their gifts and talents. A McKinney work visa sponsorship is a catalyst for making that happen.

Consult with Mr. Loung and find insight into your McKinney employer immigration sponsorship questions and concerns. Loung Law Firm is standing by to hear from you.