Get expert advisement when it comes to McKinney family sponsored immigration by working with Harry Loung and his team at the Loung Law Firm.

Many men and women in the McKinney area originally came here from other countries and still have direct family members (i.e. children, a legal spouse, etc.) back in those countries. Harry Loung works with men and women in McKinney to sponsor immigrant family members in hopes to grant them visas so that they can enter legally.

While this is the most common form of legal immigration, that doesn’t mean it’s simple or easy. The process to apply for, and receive, a visa for a direct family member can be lengthy and come with a wide variety of steps.

Mr. Loung and the team at the Loung Law Firm are a great resource for family sponsored immigration in McKinney TX and we’ll help you navigate this long, winding road to hopefully reduce your stress and provide you with peace of mind that you’re doing everything you can to be reunited with your family member.

About McKinney family sponsored immigration

There are a wide variety of visa programs associated with family-sponsored immigration. The process, and your likelihood of success, hinges on a few things.

  • Your status as the petitioner. Only those who are legal citizens or green card holders can petition for a family member to enter the country legally.

  • The type of family member you are petitioning for. Different family members are treated with varying levels of urgency when it comes to processing their visa applications. Unmarried children under the age of 21 get first preference all the way down to brothers and sisters.

  • The country that the family member is from. This can also have a profound impact on the success of your efforts. Mr. Loung works with men and women in McKinney to sponsor immigrant family members all over the world.

Our team understands the stress and anxiety that comes with being separated from a family member. We’re ready to help you bring that family member back to you through McKinney family sponsored immigration. Get started with a free consultation.