Welcome to Loung Law Firm, where attorney Harry Loung can assist with obtaining a Richardson employment based green card, in addition to a wide range of other immigration law needs.

Mr. Loung is passionate about working with immigrants and making sure that they are able to fully leverage the many benefits that await them in the United States. Finding meaningful employment is part of that.

Through the Richardson employment green card process, individuals can leverage one of the many employment-based visa programs to gain lawful entry into the United States, and stay here.

We will work to get you a green card through an employer in Richardson TX

Obtaining an employment based green card in Richardson TX means that both the potential employee and an employer have to work together to file the necessary paperwork and provide the proper documentation to U.S. immigration officials.

As your attorney, Mr. Loung will guide you through the employment green card process in Richardson TX, ensuring that you complete all the necessary work to maximize your chances at a successful outcome.

As a seasoned immigration attorney, Mr. Loung works with both businesses and individuals to streamline this process and make the Richardson employment green card process go as smoothly as possible.

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Mr. Loung is a former United States Marine and a long-time attorney that is devoted to providing personal service for the clients he represents. He knows how important immigration cases are to his clients and provides them with the focus that they deserve.

If you are someone looking to obtain a Richardson employment based green card, or have other immigration needs, please don’t hesitate to connect with Loung Law Firm.