New H1B Registration

In December 2019, USCIS confirmed they will have a new H1B Registration System for Fiscal Year 2021. The new H1B registration system will introduce two fundamental changes: One is related to the H1B petition filing process and the section is to the order of H-1B Lottery in the process. The planned dates are for March 1st through March 20th, 2020.

Employers who are interested in sponsoring H1B Visas for individuals they intend to hire, will need to first register the applicant with USCIS electronically, giving basic information in the registration during the specified registration period as given by the USCIS. There is also a $10 fee per H-1B registration submitted by the employer. Employers will generally have around 14 days to electronically register the applicants along with their company information.

The basic information for each applicant that employers will need to file includes:

  • Employer / Sponsor information
  • Beneficiary / Applicant’s general information
  • Beneficiary / Applicant’s US education
  • Immigration Attorney information
  • Additional information as required by the new electronic system

After the registration period has closed, USCIS will electronically conduct the H1B Visa Lottery to for the regular quota. Then those from the original regular quota with US Masters that were not selected, will be put into a pool for the US Masters lottery to fill the master’s quota cap.

USCIS will notify the employers of the selected applicants to file the H1B Petition along with the fees associated and supporting documentation within 90 days, to start on April 1st, to allow a start date of October 1st. The unselected applicants will be kept in a reserve pool to do another selected as needed. USCIS will adjudicate each petition with the same process as before, and inform employers in regard to their petition.

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