Any professional that is looking to travel to a different country for business, including entering the U.S., must take the necessary steps to gain entry, which is why a Dallas business immigration attorney is so important.

Here at Loung Law Firm, Harry Loung and his support team work with a wide range of business professionals — some of which are from the United States and looking to travel abroad while others are planning on visiting America for business. As an expert in business immigration law in Dallas TX, Mr. Loung will help you take the necessary steps to do all this legally.

Looking for trusted business visa lawyers in Dallas TX?

Harry Loung and his team at Loung Law Firm specialize in all areas of immigration law. As a business immigration attorney in Dallas TX, he can help you go through the process of obtaining a business visa, which means you can enter a country to fulfill business needs, but not actively labor and generate compensation while there.

Working with a Dallas business immigration law professional is important for those who might be traveling to a foreign country for:

  • Business meetings
  • Trade shows
  • Training seminars
  • Prospecting for new business opportunities
  • And more

Competent Dallas business visa lawyers are a worthwhile resource for any company that does business internationally. Attempting to travel abroad, and being turned away, can be a tremendous disruption to your business.

As your Dallas business immigration attorney, Harry Loung will make sure that this process moves along seamlessly.

Do you have questions about business immigration law in Dallas TX?

Mr. Loung and his team have answers. Connect with the Loung Law Firm right now and get a free consultation with a seasoned Dallas business immigration attorney.